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Setting Up Your Working Space

There are currently some issues related to Default Spaces whereby space data is getting intermingled with other spaces. In order to workaround this we need to create a new Space to work in and avoid using the Default Space.

Creating a new space

  1. Firstly you'll need to logout of ThoughtForma

  2. Log back into your account

  3. Click the 'Spaces' button. 


  4. Click the 'Add New Space' button. 


  5. Add a name for you new space


  6. Click save

  7. NB: your new space will appear twice

  8. Select the first instance of your new space by clicking on the bullseye icon


  9. The selected space will be highlighted with a thick blue border

  10. Click the 'Forma' button to navigate to the editor for the selected space



  11. Observe the active space name in the title bar



IMPORTANT: If you refresh the browser window or logout and log back in, ThoughtForma will open the editor with the Default Space selected. You will need to navigate to the Spaces page and then follow from step 6 above to reselect your new space.


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