• Jason Edge

Web Summit Keynote Al Gore Inspires ALPHA 2018 Win For Gamatech

Web Summit (Lisbon, Portugal, 5-8 November 2018), a technology conference held annually since 2009, focuses on internet technology. Its delegates range from Fortune 500 companies to micro tech companies – from CEOs and founders of tech startups to every type of specialist from across the global technology and related industries – Web Summit draws an impressive number of people from around the world in celebration of today’s state-of-the-art.

The ALPHA track provides a platform for promising startups to present their wares to Web Summit’s huge international audience. It is also the perfect opportunity to pitch to top global Venture Capital (VC) and other types of investor.

We were humbled to hear that Gamatech had caught the attention of the ALPHA panel and was awarded a place to participate on this year’s track. The ALPHA track boasts success stories such as Uber, Trello and Snatch. This is a huge boost for us at Gamatech as we were inspired into action by last year’s Web Summit conference and particularly the impassioned closing speech by Al Gore.

Gamatech is on a mission to provide exciting innovations enabling creative people to unlock the ideas in their heads and bring them to fruition in the world. We harness the latest technology to help remove the more wasteful aspects of technology that often get in the way of inventors and entrepreneurs.

Valuable ideas have some positive purpose – from cool games and entertainment apps to business tools and personal utilities or even smart ways to save the planet. We invite people to play with such ideas in realtime from a mobile device or web browser. Our vision is to allow anyone to craft an entire app with the power of their voice” – Gareth Edge, Gamatech Founder and CEO.

Web Summit ALPHA track is an ideal opportunity for Gamatech to raise global awareness of our activities, get customer and industry feedback and seek Seed/Round A investment.