Values are


Everything we do has an impact

PUNCHY Values have Impact

We have a single, simple purpose – to help you unlock your purposeful ideas.

That's at the heart of everything we do – whether you are our customer, partner or colleague.

Our PUNCHY values reflect our passion for allowing ideas to have an impact.

U is for Universal

Bringing technology to all

Designing for all scales



N is for Now!

Getting things done

Delivering agility

Driving out waste to maximise efficiencies

Working smart

C is for Considerate

Ever considerate of others

Leaving no-one behind

Being well

Learning, learning, learning

Thoroughly thinking through

H is for Heroic

Strive to be heroes and to be like our heroes

Deploying our talents to attract even more

Astounding our customers, partners and colleagues through our efforts

Promoting our audacious brand of inspiration and thought-leadership 
– where people yearn to work and others seek to follow

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Y is for Yours!

Empowering ownership

Delivering technology for all

Realising your ideas

Working for you and your ideas

P is for Partnership-first

Recognising that together we’re stronger

Synergising with peers (especially cool start-ups)

Unlocking our’s, their’s and so everyone’s ideas