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ideas into apps with


Engaging no-code spaces promoting creativity, experimentation and rapid delivery while keeping its seriously robust and enterprise-grade mechanics out of your way

What's ThoughtForma?

ThoughtForma is a platform for anyone to create and launch web and mobile apps without any need for technical skill.


It’s visual, intuitive and reacts in realtime allowing your ideas to be brought to life instantly.


Years of know-how and craftsmanship are combined with all the latest insanely clever technologies – all placed into your hands and always ready to be shaped into something new and exciting.

ThoughtForma Alchemy

ThoughtForma transmutes* app development into a continuous and seamless creative process – every new feature and change you make is available in real-time to your users (if you so desire!) and is always underpinned by best-practice goodness that takes care of availability, security, privacy, regulatory compliance, user management, auditing, etc.


See your ideas come to life on your browser screen or mobile device – right in front of your eyes.

*There's no better word for it!

Hassles Not Included

  • NO geeky code – none!

  • NO source code management – because, well, see above

  • NO infrastructure or hardware headaches – environments on demand

  • NO build or review delays – changes happen in real-time

  • NO capital outlay – pay for what you use

  • NO risk – experiment and explore ideas to see what works

Dynamic Customer Relationships

ThoughtForma allows you to become more responsive to the needs of your customers – in the moment


Discover how your customers are using your app and highlight any common problem areas

Capturing Information Relevant to NOW

Whether launching a new product or responding to the latest event,
ThoughtForma provides you with the tools to capture new information

Built-in Compliance

ThoughtForma delivers unparalleled flexibility while ensuring data is handled securely, safely and appropriately

FEATURE Overview

ThoughtForma helps you express your ideas through technology in one seamless and intuitive platform

Technology for All

Everyone at Gamatech is passionate about democratising technology – we’re excited when more and more purposeful ideas can see the light of day!

One Simple Unified Environment

The overarching design goals for ThoughtForma are simplicity and unity.

We aim to put all the tools you need in your hands via a simple, consistent and intuitive environment.

Enterprise-grade Features

Far from compromising on quality, data integrity, security & privacy, scalability, auditing, and all the other features required to develop a robust application – we built all this enterprise-grade ‘goodness’ in from the outset. It’s there, done right, when you need it, whether you are developing something to support your hobby or a strategic corporate system.

Nurturing and Supportive

Synergy – that’s our philosophy in a nutshell. Our goal is to provide services that add increasing value, but also to foster an environment that encourages collaboration and a sense of community.


Become part of the Idea Movement and help us achieve this vision for the benefit of all.

Pay as you Go

Build out your idea with only modest and predictable outlay – we have a shared interest in creating the ideal conditions for your success.

Experiment and Innovate

However you choose to try out ideas – be it in a digital sandbox, playground, workbench, or laboratory – ThoughtForma is the ultimate flexible environment to see the results in real-time.

Help us realise your ideas!

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